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Apple Repairs

Apple Repairs


Our Apple Repair service is second to none. We specialize in repairing all models of Apple MacBook’s, Apple iPad tablets, Apple iPhone and Apple iPod models including Apple mac workstations.

We are well known for our high quality, but low cost prices when it comes to Apple repair jobs and pride ourselves on the fact we are able to offer anything up to 50% off the cost of your repairs compared with our competitors. We are able to do this as we source our parts direct from the factories.

Whatever issues you are experiencing with your iMac, iPad or MacBooks we’re here to help with repairs to system upgrades.

Whether you’re a business or home user Power-On can provide you with a full service and offer the same No Fix No Fee approach. Power-On can try to resolve all types of hardware issues with your Mac system, whether it’s hard drive failure, RAM problems, logic board issues, or whether your computer seems completely dead.


If you have a damaged screen or casing on your Macbook, we are able to get most damage repaired.

Mac OS problems

Although this is not very common, Macs can suffer from operating system problems and we can resolve all types of problem.

System slowdowns remedied

As your Mac system gets older you may notice that it takes longer to perform tasks such as opening applications and internet pages. Again, we are able to help bring it back up to speed.

System upgrades

Newer programs require more and more RAM and it’s surprising how quickly you can fill up your hardrive with photos, music and videos. We can easily upgrade the RAM in your system and upgrade to a larger hard drive without you needing to reinstall all the software.

Data recovery

Data can, in most cases, be recovered from deleted, corrupted or failed hard drives. Costs of this service vary according to the recovery processes we may have to employ. You will be given an estimate for any additional costs.

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