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Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-DFS802512L
High performance classic black 80mm case fan. Good quality 7 blades fan improves airflow in the system. 3-pin connector provides RPM readings (speed) to the motherboard or fan controller.Key Features- Classic black 80 x 80 x 25mm fan - Low speed (1800RPM) - 3-pin motherboard connectorModelDFS802512L..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-CCE7104EP
The Ultra Quiet AK-CCE-7104EP uses a high engineering omni directional heatsink providing efficient CPU and motherboard zone cooling. The Enter bearing fan uses Intel approved power management (PWM) where speed is regulated automatically by CPU usage. Under normal conditions the CPU fan speed is low..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKT5055G
T5 EssentialEasily apply hi-performance thermal paste to your CPU and GPU, developed for higher thermal conductivity. Perfect for standard systems with 10-20 applications.- Low thermal resistance for hi-heat transfer- Non-curing and non-electrically conductive properties- Conveniently included wipes..
TIM WipesThermal interface removal made easy with cleaning wipes for CPUs, GPUs or heatsink bases. Pre-moistened with a safe citrus-based solvent which effectively emulsifies and removes TIM, leaving no residue.The Akasa TIM Wipes are 10 individually packaged cleaning wipes designed to be an all-in-..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKCC1108HP
Performance Sunflower AMD Cooler with 120mm FanLow noise, hi-performance CPU cooler with sunflower fin design and 120mm diameter PWM fan. Designed for AMD Ryzen processors up 95W TDP.Compatible with...- AMD Socket AM3+- AMD Socket AM4Key Features- Height of heatsink of only 63mm- Supports Ryzen proc..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKFN108
SOHO ARPremium 120mm case, heatsink and radiator cooling fan featuring advanced blade technology, intelligent PWM speed control and vibrant individually aRGB LEDs. Motherboard sync with compatible common RGB software providers.The New Generation of Premium FanPerfectly blending advanced blade design..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKCC4018EP
Soho H4High performance premium CPU cooler with 120mm fan featuring full aRGB, intelligent PWM speed control and efficient copper pipes. Motherboard Sync compatible with mainstream RGB software. Designed for CPUs with a maximum TDP of 185W.Premium CPU Cooler with Addressable RGB- Over 16 million col..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKLD0930RB
SOHO MBANew generation of smooth, deeper and vivid Addressable RGB strip light to add true style and personality to any PC build. Length of 300mm.Addressable RGB LED strip light- New generation of deeper and vivid Addressable RGB (ARGB) strip lights to add true style and personality to any build- Ea..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AK-FN091BL
VEGAS LED Cooling FanVegas LED fan provides subtle system illumination and ultra quiet acoustics.Key Features- 120mm Diameter- 15 x Blue LED- Anti-Vibration- Damping pads reduce fan vibrating noise- Crystal clear blades provide maximum illumination- Unique LED-embedded frame design for better protec..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKFN099
VEGAS AR7120mm Addressable RGB LED Cooling FanKey Features- Support digital addressable LED pin header- New generation of personalized illuminationSupports Addressable RGB Control Devices and Motherboard Lighting Control Applications- Gigabyte RGB Fusion Ready- ASUS Aura Sync- MSI Mystic Light Sync-..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKCC1106HP
Vegas Chroma AM - Addressable RGB CPU Cooler for AMD SocketsAddressable RGB fan blades with black anodised aluminum heatsink cooler illuminates your PC and cools the CPU. Supports up to 95W TDP.- Multiple Colours- Digital Addressable RGB LED- AMD AM4 / AM3+ Socket Compatible- 63mm Cooler Height- 120..
Brand: AKASA Model: FAAKA-AKFN102
VEGAS TL140mm twin loop, dual sided cooling fan contains 27 RGB LEDs split among inner and outer loops. Frosted translucent blades provide maximum brightness and are engineered for low noise.Dual sided RGB LED cooling fan- Supports 12V RGB LED pin headers- New generation of personalised illumination..
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