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Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

Mobile phone & Tablet repairs

Do you need a mobile phone or Tablet repair? We could help fix your device today.

Here at Power-on, we can come to the rescue when disaster strikes with your mobile phone or tablet, with our exceptional repair service.

If you think your phone or tablet has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems.

We can repair 99% of mobile phones and tablet problems, like broken screens, not charging, freezing, camera not working, signal or keypad issues, water damage etc., along with a 24 – 48 hours turn around service.

We know how annoying and stressful it is to break your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tablet…….any device really that keeps you connected to the world. So our plan was to make the process of getting it fixed by us as painless as possible.