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Brand: AF Model: CPAFI-MTW025P
Ever thought about how many finger prints are on your smartphone or tablet? AF technology wipes are an excellent solution to such a common problem. Just wipe and go. A handy pack of 25 impregnated wipes mean that you can clean your mobile technology on the go at your convenience- Easy to use- Conven..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW4129
Our simple, easy-to-use screen and monitor cleaning kit is perfect for anyone who wants to keep the picture and resolution of their digital devices and televisions clean and crisp, like the day they bought them. The uniquely formulated cleaning solution and reusable microfiber cloth perfectly and sa..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW-5200
- The kit is intended for cleaning screens and monitors all types and sizes. Ideal for computer, office and home appliances. Moreover, the ultra-dense microfiber weave is suitable for cleaning glass surfaces, glasses and glasses.- The unique formula of CW-5200 removes difficult dirt without damaging..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW1077
ColorWay alcohol antiseptic wipes are an effective and safe product for hands and skin, as well as for quick disinfection of various alcohol-resistant surfaces. A special formula based on ethyl alcohol 70%, destroys up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The wipes can be used at home, work, on the road ..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW5151
Cleaner with napkin for LED/LCD/TFT and other types of screens. Special composition of cleaning gel: doesn't drip, doesn't spread, and doesn’t contain alcohol. It provides antistatic and antibacterial effect. Special composition of cleaning gel: doesn't drip, doesn't spread and doesn't contain alcoh..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW1032
Keep your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet and other screens looking pristine and easy to view.Get rid of fingerprints, dust, oils and smudges which accumulate quickly on your device's screen and leave it looking grubby and hard to read - especially in direct light.Made from a streak and anti-static f..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW1071
Wet wipes are perfect for cleaning dust, dirt and fingerprints without and trace of streaking, spotting or smudges. These wipes can be used universally to clean any screen, including LED/LCD/TFT monitors or screens, laptops, mobile phones, cameras and other surfaces.To use, open the tube and the sea..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW3360
500ml Alcohol spray for cleaning. 99% denatured alcohol. Suitable for cleaning metal, ceramics, electronic boards, external plastic parts of a PC, fax, printer and various surfaces resistant to alcohol.Designed for regular use on hard surfaces to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. Kills 99.999%..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW6130
The unique Microfiber combines up-to-date materials and innovative technology of ultra-dense weaving. High stretchability provides maximum wiping, allowing easy removal of grease, stains, finger prints and dirt from glass and plastic surfaces, even without cleaning liquid usage. For application, gen..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW1031
Universal 3-in-1 screen and monitor cleaning kit. Brush: nylon, plastic - 1 x Microfiber wipe, 1 x Microfiber cloth, 1 x Cleaning solution for LCD / TFT screens.Our universal 3-in-1 screen and monitor cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your digital screens – from smartphone to home enterta..
Brand: COLORWAY Model: CPCOL-CW3333
Compressed gas duster in a compact can, designed for fast and effective cleaning of hard to reach places. With its help you can blow not only dust, but also dirt and microscopic debris. The extension tube will clean the tight corners and crevices. The compressed gas does not leave any residue after ..
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