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Bladeguard Veterans

Bladeguard Veterans

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Bolster your Space Marines forces with a collection of Primaris Marines that will add both ranged firepower and a selection of useful bonuses. A pair of Primaris Lieutenants will make your shooting deadlier, while a Primaris Ancient will inspire nearby Space Marines to fight harder, even unto death. A combat squad of Primaris Intercessors will act as a fine bodyguard for any of these heroes, as well as giving you a brutally effective shooting unit.

This kit includes 52 plastic components that build the following models:

- 5x Primaris Intercessors with bolt rifles, including a Sergeant
- 1x Primaris Lieutenant with master-crafted auto bolt rifle
- 1x Primaris Lieutenant with power sword
- 1x Primaris Ancient

The set also includes 5x 32mm round bases and 3x 40mm round bases, as well as a Dark Imperium transfer sheet with 580 decals covering the Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels Chapters.

These models were previously available in the Dark Imperium boxed set.

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