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Necron Immortals + Free Runefang Steel Paint Pot

Necron Immortals + Free Runefang Steel Paint Pot

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Free Runefang Steel Paint Pot


As the shock troops of the Necron army, a phalanx of Immortals will strive for victory using every tactic at their disposal. They can easily withstand a hail of heavy bolter fire.

The Necron Immortals possess the classic, intimidating skeletal-metal form of their race. Their elongated limbs are jointed with metallic bolts, they stand in an eerily hunched manner, and their heads are set within a shroud of armour and industrious shoulder pads. Subtle Necron iconography is displayed on their breastbone. You can equip the Immortals with the devastating gauss blasters and tesla carbines.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 80 components, two Necron transfer sheets and five Citadel 32mm Round Bases with which to build five Necron Immortals or five Necron Deathmarks.

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